What’s New in UniPlot 5.3.2

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 5.3.2 since version 5.3.1.

New Features

  • The mouse wheel can be used to change the zoom factor. Hold down the Ctrl- Key and spin the mouse wheel.

  • New Addin: Rainflow counting algorithm (see Rainflow Counting).

  • Functions to modify bitmaps have been added (see below).

  • If the PDFCreator is installed, it can be used for the PDF-Export (see http://www.pdfforge.org/products/pdfcreator).

  • Dataexchange: New Option Always load original data files: If this option is selected the original data files will be converted to NC files. The NC file name will be displayed New Name column. As soon as the NC name is displayed the option as no impact on the data file any longer.

    The NC file will be created when you click on the Edit file button, the Dataset List button or the OK button.

    If this option is not selected the function always tries to open the NC file. If the file does not exists the original data is reloaded.

    See Data=>Data Exchange (Page).

  • Windows Vista: UniPlot 5.3.2 can be used under Windows Vista.

New UniScript Functions

  New Functions in UniPlot 5.3.2
ImageSetPixelColor ImageSetPixelColor sets the color value of a bitmap pixel of a complete bitmap.
ImageSetPixelGray ImageSetPixelGray sets the gray value of a pixel or complete bitmap.
histc histc calculates a histogram.
nc_attcopy nc_attcopy copies a given attribute into a different NC file.
nc_copy nc_copy copies all variables and attributes of an NC file to a new NC file.
nc_inquire_format nc_inquire_format returns the file format for a given ncid.

Modified UniScript Functions

  Changed Functions in UniPlot 5.3.2
ImageCreate ImageCreate creates a picture object.
ImageGetPixelColor ImageGetPixelColor returns the color value of a pixel as an RGB value.
ImageGetPixelGray ImageGetPixelGray returns the gray value of a pixel.
sort sort performs a sort from a real, complex or string matrix or vector.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • (ID1246): A number of errors in the Undo/Redo function have been fixed. Some of these errors could crash UniPlot.
  • (ID1250): ncgen.exe: UniPlot could crash if a warning occurred. The string length of global attributes was limited to 512 characters.
  • (ID1253): Graphic-Export: If the target directory was write protected, the export failed without an error message.
  • (ID1254): Data-Cursor: Some bugs have been fixed:
  • The cursor could not be moved if the cursor was located on the left or right diagram border.
  • A cursor could not be displayed if the diagram contained 3D datasets.
  • The cursor could not be displayed if the data was sorted in descending order. The cursor could only be used if the x-data was strictly monotone increasing.
  • (ID1257): An incorrect error message could be displayed if a netCDF function failed (Unicode problem).
  • (ID1259): The nc_varcopy function failed if the the NC files had different byte order.
  • (ID1262): Because of a bug in the UniPlot netCDF interface, the reading and writing of NC files in the original byte order could be very slow.
  • (ID1263): Graphic-Export: If the temp directory contained more than 16000 files the export of png, emf, jpg etc. files failed.
  • (ID1271): 2D datasets: If the curve was drawn with a dashed line style sometimes the last dash was missing.
  • (ID1283): 2D datasets: If data symbols were plotted on the diagram border the symbol was partly clipped. Now if the data point is inside or on the diagram border the symbol will not be clipped. The symbol clipping can be enabled using the registry key “Settings\data-symbol-clipping”. (see UniPlot’s Use of the Windows Registry).
  • (ID1284): 3D datasets: The Thin-Plate-Spline interpolation could fail if the input data was distributed extremely evenly.
  • (ID1289): The display quality of bitmaps (png, gif) on the monitor was sometimes very bad. This bug had no effect on the print output or PDF output.