What’s New in UniPlot 5.10.3

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 5.10.3 since version 5.10.2.


  • The number of local variables per function has been extended from 255 to 4095. (see also Application Limits).

  • UTX-Filter: A new attribute has been added to the UTX filter: uxx-transposed. UTX files with channels arranged in rows instead of channels can be imported if the UTX file contains the attribute uxx-transposed = 1. See UTX Data File Format.

    columnseparator = " "
    Operator = Peter Miller
    Channelname = $1
    unit = $2
    uxx-transposed = 1
    Speed    1/min   528,000  474,300  456,000
    Torq     Nm       96,00    76,00    52,00

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • (ID2127) UTX-Import-Filter and Excel-Import: The import failed for Excel files in the biff 2 format (Excel 2.1 files). This bug only occurred in UniPlot 5.10.2.
  • (ID2137): XYZFilterCallback: The new 3D filter function introduced with UniPlot 5.10.2 failed with a runtime error, if one channel contained only missing_values or constant values for X or Y. The error occurred during data exchange as well.
  • (ID2138): If the registration of UniPlot in the Windows registry failed (uniplot.exe /regserver), no error message was displayed.
  • (ID2141): ExcelRead and all other Excel read functions did not handle shared formulas correctly. The function returned an empty string instead of the formula result string.
  • (ID2142): The UniScript-COM-Server usserv.exe did not display message boxes.
  • (ID2151): 3D-Map: If the X-, Y- or Z-values of the original data was out of the range -1e5 to 1e5 the data was removed. The reduce3d function removed all data points in this range instead of the range smallter than -1e10 and greater or equal +1e10 as documented. This error only occurred in UniPlot 5.10.2.