What’s New in UniPlot 3.1.0

This page describes the changes to UniPlot 3.1.0 since UniPlot 3.0.5.

Context menus

With version 3.0.5 we introduced context menus, which can be activated by right clicking an object. The functions that were moved into the pop-up menus were removed from the lists in the dialog boxes, e.g File=>More File Functions, Data=>More Data Functions, etc.

With 3.1.0 these functions are once again found in the list dialog boxes.

The following figure shows a context menu for a 3D dataset:


Context menus are also available for 2D datasets, drawing objects, diagrams and pages.

Style order for 1D and 2D datasets

To simplify the style assignment to all datasets of one page a new function has been added to UniPlot (see Tools=>Dataset Style Order Configuration. The new function can also be used in UniScript programs. The function name is auto_AssignStyleOrder.

The following figure shows the new dialog box:


New Features

The File=>Open dialog uses the folder name of the active document.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Import-Dialog: The channel selection was not case sensitive. For example, one of the following channel names could not be selected: RPM, RPm
  • nc_varid: The nc_varid functions caused memory access violation if one of the channel names was empty.
  • Edit 1D or 2D coordinates: UniPlot executed an auto scale operation after editing a 1D or 2D dataset.
  • Debugger: Sometimes UniPlot did not stop at a break point.
  • MDF/VS100/Inca-Import: A correlation between channels of different time groups was not possible. Maps (XYZ dataset) could not be created from MDF files.
  • Field function datafilenames: The function returned only one backslash. The character that followec was displayed as a symbol character.
  • Auto scaling with fixed label number: The function sometimes calculated one label more than specified.
  • Isoline auto scaling: The auto scaling failed for maps with z values in a range of -2 and 2.
  • ActiveX: If UniPlot was used as a client, variant matrices could not be used with ActiveX.
  • UniPlot as an ActiveX Server: The registration failed if you did not have full access to UniPlot.
  • GetDirectoryDialog: The function did not accept an init directory when used under NT 4.0, Windows 98 or Windows 95.
  • Field functions that were located in grouped elements were not updated sometimes, e.g. @f{documentname}.
  • Save IPW files: If one or more pages were deleted in an IPW document but these changes were rejected by clicking Cancel in the SaveChanges message box the pages were saved as empty pages.

New and enhanced UniScript functions

  • New function GetUNCPath: The function returns the the UNC path of a drive letter. Example: GetUNCPath("k:") returns \\P450\d.
  • strtok: The function has been extended by a third parameter which can be used to specify whether consecutive separaters are to be handled like one separator. If this parameter is set to 0, every separator will create a field.
  • New function auto_SetFilter: The function sets a record filter for NC files.
  • SplitPath can split a vector or file names into drive, path, name and extension.
  • GetFileAttributes returns the attributes for a vector of file names.
  • smprintf formats a real or string matrix. Column and row separators can be specified.
  • regsplit split strings using regular expressions.
  • auto_AssignStyleOrder can set dataset style for all 1D and 2D dataset in one page.