UniScript R2016

The changes are listed in the history table at the end of the function description.

UniScript R2016.0

  New Functions in UniPlot R2016.0 (5.80.0)
DocFindTaggedObject DocFindTaggedObject finds layer and drawing objects containing the specified tag.
EBGetProps EBGetProps gets the elliptic drawing object properties.
EBSetProps EBSetProps sets the elliptic drawing object properties.
EdGetLexer EdGetLexer gets the type of the syntax highlighting.
FontGetProps FontGetProps gets the font properties.
FontSetProps FontSetProps sets the font properties.
ImageGetProps ImageGetProps gets the image properties.
ImageSetProps ImageSetProps sets the image properties.
LBGetProps LBGetProps gets the text box properties.
LBSetProps LBSetProps sets the text box properties.
LayerGetProps LayerGetProps gets the font properties.
LayerSetProps LayerSetProps sets the layer (diagram) properties.
ObjGetProps ObjGetProps returns the properties of a document page, diagram or drawing object.
ObjGetTags ObjGetTags returns the tag string of a layer or drawing object.
ObjSetProps ObjSetProps sets the properties of a document page, diagram or drawing object.
ObjSetTags ObjSetTags. sets athe tag for a layer or drawing object.
RBGetProps RBGetProps gets the rect box properties.
RBSetProps RBSetProps sets the rect box properties.
ShowWindow ShowWindow sets the specified window’s show state.
TBGetProps TBGetProps gets the font properties.
TBSetProps TBSetProps sets the text box properties.
TableGetProps TableGetProps gets the table properties.
TableSetProps TableSetProps sets the table properties.
cumprod cumprod returns the cumulative product of each column of a matrix.
lua_call lua_call calls a Lua function.
lua_eval lua_eval evaluates a Lua expression or executes a statement.
lua_get lua_get uses the rawget function to return a value from the Lua table.
lua_require lua_require invokes the Lua require function.
lua_set lua_set is using the Lua rawset function to set a value in a Lua table.
lua_str lua_str creates a string from a Lua table for debugging purposes.
lua_string lua_string creates a UniSript string from a Lua string or a Lua string from a UniScript string.
lua_type lua_type returns the type of a Lua value as a string, see type.
p7z_libversion p7z_libversion returns the lib version string.
props_dialog props_dialog displays a simple dialog box to select properties. The result is a string with the property names.
props_diff props_diff returns an object with properties which are not identical in o1 and o2. The property values of o1 are returned.
props_flat props_flat converts an object with nested objects into an object with only one level. With props_unflat this conversion can be undone.
props_fromstring props_fromstring converts a string with “Key=Value” pairs into an object.
props_get props_get returns a object with the given keys.
props_remove props_remove removes elements from a given object.
props_tostring props_tostring converts an object into a string or string matrix with 2 columns.
props_unflat props_unflat see props_flat.
us_get_breakpoints us_get_breakpoints returns a list of debug break points (String-Array) of the form filename|lineno.
us_path us_path sets and returns the environment variable uniscript-path.
us_remove_breakpoints us_remove_breakpoints removes all debug break points.
us_set_breakpoint us_set_breakpoint sets a debug break point. If inserted in a script file without parameters, the breakpoint will be set in the next code line (should not be a comment line). The UniScript path enviroment variable must contain the source file path(uniscript-path).
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2016.0 (5.80.0)
AppAddToRecentFileList AppAddToRecentFileList adds a name to the “Most Recent Used File” list.
DocGetPathName DocGetPathName returns the document file name or an empty string if the document has not been saved.
GetAllDocuments GetAllDocuments returns the handle of all open IPW/IPZ files.
LayerMoveObjects LayerMoveObjects moves Objects to the specified diagram. Objects can only be moved inside a page. The function can also be used to change the drawing order of Objects.
ObjGetXML ObjGetXML returns the document page, diagram, drawing object or dataset as an XML string.
ipz_pack ipz_pack removes unused streams from an IPZ file.
sqlite_busy_timeout Removed, use sqlite3_busy_timeout.
sqlite_close Removed, use sqlite3_close.
sqlite_execute Removed, use sqlite3_execute.
sqlite_last_insert_rowid Removed, use sqlite3_last_insert_rowid.
sqlite_libencoding Removed, use sqlite3_libencoding.
sqlite_libversion sqlite_libversion returns the SQLite library version.
sqlite_open Removed, use sqlite3_open.
strcat strcat concatenates the strings of a vector to one string. The elements are separated by a separator string.