UniScript 3.x

  New Functions in UniPlot 3.6.x
GridGetSettings GridGetSettings returns a real vector with 8 elements containing the options displayed in the browser dialog box.
GridSetSettings GridSetSettings sets the settings of the browser dialog box.
ImageCreate ImageCreate creates a picture object.
ImageDestroy ImageDestroy destroys a picture object.
ImageGetFileName ImageGetFileName returns the file name of the picture.
ImageGetFrameWidthAndColor ImageGetFrameWidthAndColor returns the line width and color of the picture frame.
ImageGetLinkType ImageGetLinkType returns the link type.
ImageGetOrgSize ImageGetOrgSize returns the original picture size in centimeters.
ImageGetType ImageGetType returns the picture file type.
ImageSetFileName ImageSetFileName sets the file name of the picture and loads the file into the picture object.
ImageSetFrameWidthAndColor ImageSetFrameWidthAndColor sets the line width and color of the picture frame.
ImageSetLinkType ImageSetLinkType sets the link type.
ImageUpdate ImageUpdate loads the image from the file into the picture object created by ImageCreate.
sqlite_busy_timeout Removed, use sqlite3_busy_timeout.
sqlite_close Removed, use sqlite3_close.
sqlite_execute Removed, use sqlite3_execute.
sqlite_last_insert_rowid Removed, use sqlite3_last_insert_rowid.
sqlite_libencoding Removed, use sqlite3_libencoding.
sqlite_libversion sqlite_libversion returns the SQLite library version.
sqlite_open Removed, use sqlite3_open.
  New in UniPlot 3.4.x
GetProfileInt_Policy GetProfileInt_Policy retrieves an integer from the specified section in the Windows registry.
GetProfileString_Policy GetProfileString_Policy retrieves a string from the specified section in the Windows registry.
GetUserDirectory GetUserDirectory returns the UniPlot user directory.
GridCanRedo GridCanRedo checks if the most recent Undo can be reversed.
GridCanUndo GridCanUndo gets a value indicating whether the user can undo the previous operation.
GridEmptyUndoRedoList GridEmptyUndoRedoList removes all undo/redo elements from the undo list.
GridGetRedoString GridGetRedoString returns the string describing the redo action.
GridGetUndoString GridGetUndoString returns the string describing the undo action.
GridRedo GridRedo reapplies previous editing actions that have been undone.
GridSetValues GridSetValues sets data values in the grid.
GridUndo GridUndo undo the last edit operation.
LayerGetLink LayerGetLink gets the link to the grid of a stacked diagram.
LayerSetLink LayerSetLink sets the link to the grid of a stacked diagram or unlinks a diagram from a stacked diagram.
XYZGetInsideMatrix XYZGetInsideMatrix returns a matrix.
  New in UniPlot 3.3.x
DebugBreak DebugBreak sets a break point. The program will stop execution at the function call interrupted.
GetCommandLine GetCommandLine
GridCloseNCID GridCloseNCID closes the currently in the browser displayed NC file.
GridFreezeCols GridFreezeCols freezes the selected columns or unfreezes the frozen columns.
GridGetColCount GridGetColCount returns the number of columns or in case of an error -1.
GridGetConfigInfo GridGetConfigInfo returns a string vector with 6 elements containing the options, displayed in the option dialog box.
GridGetFrozenCols GridGetFrozenCols retrieves the number of frozen columns.
GridGetLeftCol GridGetLeftCol returns the leftmost non-frozen column of the grid or in case of an error 0.
GridGetNCID GridGetNCID returns the current ncid or in case of an error -1.
GridGetReadOnly GridGetReadOnly returns TRUE (1) if the the file was opened as read only.
GridGetRecordCount GridGetRecordCount returns the number of records (rows) or in case of an error -1.
GridGetSelectedCols GridGetSelectedCols retrieves the starting and ending columns of the current selection in the data browser dialog box.
GridGetSelectedRows GridGetSelectedRows retrieves the starting and ending rows of the current selection in the data browser dialog box.
GridGetSelection GridGetSelection retrieves the current selection.
GridGetTopRow GridGetTopRow returns the topmost column of the grid or in case of an error 0.
GridGetVarids GridGetVarids returns a list of all variables displayed in the data browser grid.
GridSetConfigInfo GridSetConfigInfo sets the data browser configuration.
GridSetLeftCol GridSetLeftCol sets the leftmost column displayed in the grid.
GridSetSelection GridSetSelection selects all specified cells in the data browser.
GridSetTopRow GridSetTopRow sets the topmost row displayed in the grid.
GridUpdate Call GridUpdate to update the grid or all controls in the browser dialog box.
OLEDoVerb OLEDoVerb requests an embedded object to perform an action.
OnGridKeyDown OnGridKeyDown.
UniPlot.Call2 The UniPlot.Call2 method can be used to invoke a UniPlot function from a different process (ActiveX-Controllern). UniPlot.Call returns a matrix, UniPlot.Call2 returns a vector.
UniScript.Call The UniScript.Call method can be used to invoke a UniScript function from another program (ActiveX-Controllern).
ret = UniScript.Call2(ssFuncName, arg1, ...)
UniScript.Load Loads a UniScript file.
XML_ErrorString XML_ErrorString returns a string describing the error corresponding to code. The code should be one of the enums that can be returned from XML_GetErrorCode.
XML_ExpatVersion XML_ExpatVersion return the library version as a string (e.g. “expat_1.95.1”).
XML_GetCurrentByteCount XML_GetCurrentByteCount return the number of bytes in the current event. Returns 0 if the event is inside a reference to an internal entity.
XML_GetCurrentByteIndex XML_GetCurrentByteIndex
XML_GetCurrentColumnNumber XML_GetCurrentColumnNumber
XML_GetCurrentLineNumber XML_GetCurrentLineNumber returns the line number of the position.
XML_GetErrorCode XML_GetErrorCode returns what type of error has occurred.
XML_GetUserData XML_GetUserData returns the data that was set with XML_SetUserData.
XML_Parse XML_Parse parses a complete or a part of a document.
XML_ParserCreate Construct a new parser.
XML_ParserFree Free memory used by the parser.
XML_SetCharacterDataHandler Set a text handler.
XML_SetCommentHandler Set a handler for comments.
XML_SetDefaultHandler XML_SetDefaultHandler sets a handler for any characters in the document which would not otherwise be handled.
XML_SetElementHandler XML_SetElementHandler
XML_SetEndElementHandler Set handler for end (and empty) tags.
XML_SetProcessingInstructionHandler XML_SetProcessingInstructionHandler
XML_SetStartElementHandler XML_SetStartElementHandler
XML_SetUserData XML_SetUserData sets the user data that gets passed to handlers.
getargs getargs returns a vector of the arguments passed to UniScript. This function is especily useful for UniScript us.exe.
nc_attdelete nc_attdelete deletes a given attribut. The file must be in define mode.
nc_varget_missing nc_varget_missing reads data values from a netCDF variable of an open netCDF file. The file must be in data mode.
nc_varput_missing The nc_varput_missing functions writes data values into a netCDF variable of an open netCDF file. The file must be in data mode. Missing values must have the value MISSING_VALUE.
nmaxargs nmaxargs returns the number of function arguments and return values.
source source returns the file name in which the function is located.
stack stack returns the current function name as well as the function name of the calling functions.
  New in UniPlot 3.2.x
AppHelp AppHelp opens the UniPlot help system.
GetClipboardText GetClipboardText gets text from the clipboard.
IsFileLotus IsFileLotus checks if the given file is a Lotus 1-2-3file (.WK1).
LotusRead The LotusRead function reads Lotus 1-2-3 .WK1 formatted files.
SetClipboardText SetClipboardText writes text into the clipboard.
akimaspline akimaspline computes an akima spline for a given x- and y-vector.
nc_attrename nc_attrename renames a given attribute.
nc_dimrename nc_dimrename renames a given dimension.
nc_varrename nc_varrename renames a given netCDF variable.
  New in UniPlot 3.1.x
GetDataInfo GetDataInfo returns the dataset info string.
GetLocaleInfo GetLocaleInfo retrieves information about a locale (User Default Country Setting).
MakeFullPath MakeFullPath creates a path name with backslashes (\). The function will complete a relative path.
ObjBeginEnum Call this function to prepare for subsequent calls to ObjGetNext for retrieving a list of Objects.
PageGetObjectHandle PageGetObjectHandle returns the handle of a drawing object given by its name.
SetDataInfo SetDataInfo sets the dataset info string.
ShellExecute ShellExecute opens a file with a program which is registered for the file type.
XYIsVisible XYIsVisible determines whether a dataset is visible.
XYShow XYShow shows or hides a dataset.
XYZIsVisible XYZIsVisible determines whether a dataset is visible.
XYZShow XYZShow turns a dataset on or off.
auto_AssignStyleOrder auto_AssignStyleOrder assigns the styles for all 1D and 2D datasets of the given page.
regsplit regsplit splits a string using regular expressions.
  New in UniPlot 3.0.x
@f{lastprintdate} Displays the date when the document was last printed.
@f{revnum} Displays the document version number.
AppCmdWndClear AppCmdWndClear clears the UniScript command window.
AppCmdWndClose AppCmdWndClear closes the UniScript command window.
AppCmdWndShow AppCmdWndShow shows or hides the UniScript command window.
AppGetCommandLine AppGetCommandLine returns the command line.
AppIsFullScreen Checks if the full screen mode is active.
AppProgressCreate AppProgressCreate creates a process control in the status bar or a dialog box with a progress control and a Cancel button.
AppProgressDestroy AppProgressDestroy.
AppProgressStepIt AppProgressStepIt advances the current position for a progress bar ontrol by the step increment and redraws the bar to reflect the new position.
AppSetFullScreen Resizes the current view so that it fills the screen.
AppSleep The AppSleep function suspends the execution of UniPlot for the specified interval.
ComparePath ComparePath compares two file or folder names.
CompressFile CompressFile compresses a file.
ConvertToVariant Is replaced by vconvert.
CreateObject CreateObject creates a new COM-Object.
CreateObjectEmbedded CreateObjectEmbedded creates an object that can be embedded into a UniPlot document page.
DeCompressFile DeCompressFile decompress a file that was compressed by CompressFile.
DocCanPaste DocCanPaste checks if the objects in the clipboard have a format that is supported by UniPlot.
app = Document.Application
Document.Handle Document.Handle returns the handle of a embedded UniPlot document.
EdCanPaste EdCanPaste checks if the objects in the clipboard have a format that is supported by UniPlot editor.
FS_GetFileSystemList FS_GetFileSystemList retrieves a list of drive names.
FS_GetFreeSpace FS_GetFreeSpace retrieves the free disk space of the specified drive.
FS_GetTotalSpace FS_GetTotalSpace returns the total disk space.
FS_MakeDirectory FS_MakeDirectory creates a new directory.
Get3DConfigDialog Get3DConfigDialog
Get3DViewDialog Get3DViewDialog
GetColorDialog GetColorDialog displays a color dialog box.
GetDirectory The GetDirectory function returns a string vector with file names. If bRecurseSubDirs is TRUE (1) it returns also the file names found in sub-directories. The function does not return directory names.
GetExceptionInfo GetExceptionInfo returns the current exception information vector.
GetObject GetObject returns a reference to an embedded OLE object or a reference to an application instance.
GetUNCPath The GetUNCPath function retrieves the universal naming convention (UNC) path for a mapped network drive.
GetWindowsVersion GetWindowsVersion returns information about the windows version.
IsFunctionLoaded IsFunctionLoaded determines whether the specified function is loaded. Only loaded functions can be called.
LayerGetClip LayerGetClip return the clipping flag. The flag gives an information on which side of the diagram the datasets are clipped.
LayerIsCursor LayerIsCursor
LayerSetClip LayerSetClip sets if datasets are clipped at the diagram borders.
MarkerDialog Displays a dialog box to configure a marker object.
MenuCreatePopup MenuCreatePopup creates a popup menu.
MenuDisplayContextMenu MenuDisplayContextMenu
MenuGetMap MenuGetMap
MenuGetPopup MenuGetPopup returns the function names of a pop-up menu.
MenuInsertCommands MenuInsertCommands inserts a new menu item to a pop-up menu.
OnCommand OnCommand is used here as a placeholder for a function that is called when a user clicks a button on the user toolbar or selects the function from a menu.
OnCommandUI OnCommandUI is used here as a placeholder for a function that is called when a user clicks a button on the user toolbar or selects a function from a menu.
PageSaveAsBitmap PageSaveAsBitmap creates a bitmap (.BMP) or JPEG (.JPG) file from the given page.
RegConnect RegConnect establishes a connection with the registry.
RegCreate RegCreate creates key in registry.
RegCurComputer RegCurComputer returns the computer name for the currently connected registry.
RegCurKey RegCurKey returns the name of the currently open key.
RegCurReg RegCurReg retrieves the name of the currently connected registry.
RegDelete RegDelete deletes the named registry value of the current key.
RegEnumerateKeys RegEnumerateKeys enumerates subkeys of the currently open key.
RegEnumerateValues RegEnumerateValues
RegGetValue RegGetValue retrieves a value.
RegOpen Opens a registry key.
RegSetValue RegSetValue sets a value for the key name.
RegisterCommand RegisterCommand adds a new command to the command table for the User Toolbar. The registered commands can be added to the ToolBar using the command Tools=>Customize User Toolbar.
ST_complement Compute the complement of a in b (the elements of b that are not in a).
ST_intersection Find the set intersection of two vectors. (All the elements that are in a and b)
ST_set The ST_set function takes an vector argument (A), and returns a vector that is sorted in ascending order, and has no duplicate values.
ST_union ST_union
SynEdCreate Is replaced by EdCreate.
UniPlot.Call The UniPlot.Call method can be used to invoke a UniPlot function from another program (ActiveX-Controllern).
UniPlot.Caption = ssTitle
UniPlot.Height This property sets the UniPlot window height in pixel.
UniPlot.Left This property sets the UniPlot window left position in pixel.
UniPlot.Top This property sets the UniPlot window top position in pixel.
UniPlot.Visible This property can be used to hide or display the UniPlot window.
UniPlot.Width This property sets the UniPlot window width in pixel.
UserBar_Add UserBar_Add adds a new command to the user toolbar. The command must be registered with RegisterCommand.
VariantConvert Is replaced by vcast.
VariantGetType Is replaced by vtype.
XLSREPORT_CreateFromTemplate XLSREPORT_CreateFromTemplate inserts data into an MS-Excel template.
s _s returns a translated string for an English string. If a translation is not available the function returns the English string. So far the only available language is German. A Japanese translation will soon be available.
auto_xy_LinearInterpolation The function is obsolete. New scripts should use the XYSetFilterFunctions function.
auto_xyz_SetIsolineStyle auto_xyz_SetIsolineStyle sets the line style for all Isolines of a 3D dataset to the specified style.
merge merge merges two sorted vectors and returns a single sorted vector.
smprintf smprintf formats a double or string matrix and returns the data as a scalar string or string matrix.
  Changed in UniPlot 3.1.x
GetProfileString GetProfileString retrieves a string from the specified section in an initialization file or the Windows registry.
PageSaveAsMetafile PageSaveAsMetafile creates a Windows Meta File (.WMF), a Enhanced Metafile (.EMF), Metafile with Extensions (EMF+) or a combination of EMF and EMF+ (EMF+Dual) from the given page.
strtok strtok finds all tokens in a scalar string.
  Changed in UniPlot 3.0.x
DocCopyPage Copies a page from the source to the destination document.
DocSelectPage DocSelectPage activates the given page and returns the handle.
MnSetCommand MnSetCommand assigns a UniScript command to a menu item.