What’s New in UniPlot 3.0.0

Answers to common questions

Q: Can I use UniPlot 3.0 und 2.5.1 parallelly on my computer?

A: Yes. Before you install 3.0 change the name of the UniPlot icon to “UniPlot 2.5.1” and specify a different installation directory than for UniPlot 2.5.1, e.g. C:\Program Files\UniPlot3

Q: Can I use UniPlot 2.5.1 to open and edit documents created with UniPlot 3.0 ?

A:: No. Because of UniPlot’s new features, we had to change the file format of the IPW-files. Of course, you can open files created with older versions of UniPlot with UniPlot 3.0.

Other Changes

New Features of UniPlot 3.0.0

  • User defined Toolbar: Freqently used commands can be added using the user toolbar. (See screen shot above. The user toolbar is visible on the right side of the screen).

    You can register your own UniScript functions which will be called when the button is pressed with the RegisterCommand function.

    You can create bitmaps for your functions (e.g. using the Paint program that comes with Windows).

    To add registed functions to the toolbar choose Tools=>Customize User Toolbar Please see the documentation on RegisterCommand for more details.


    // UniPlot/Autoload/CallExcel.ic
    RegisterCommand("Excel", "CallExcel", "Excel");
    def CallExcel()
        system("e:/Program Files/micros~2/office/excel.exe")
  • Embed Excel Sheets in UniPlot: The sheets can be filled using UniPlot’s new ActiveX interface.

  • UniPlot can use Excel documents as a template to create reports.

  • ActiveX-Controller: UniScript can now be used to access objects with an ActiveX interface:

    xls = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
    xls.Visible = 1
    xls = 0

    You can access databases using ADO or DAO.

  • Datapoint editing to change the y-coordinate of curve points using the mouse.

  • ActiveX-Server: UniPlot can now be accessed by other applications via the ActiveX interface.

  • UniPlot is now an OLE InPlace-Server.

  • Automatic updating of dataset relations.

  • Polar diagram.

  • Improved import dialog with data editor

  • Data-Filter: A filter can be specified to select records of the data matrix.


    In the dialog box above, a filter is specified so that only those records will be imported when the speed is between 1200 to 4000 rpm.

  • UniScript-Editor with syntax highlighting: Comments in UniScript programs will be green, strings will be red, key word bold and blue and functions will be displayed bright blue. A file can now be opened in multiple windows and a window can be split into two views. A unlimited number of Undo/Redo steps is supported.

  • UniScript-Debugger: The source code debugger can be used to step through a UniScript program. Breakpoints can be set and the contents of variables can be displayed. (see the UniScript-Menu in the UniScript-Editor).

  • and many more improvements: transparent markers, ajustable repetition of markers, user specified colors for curves, drawing objects and fonts Alias tables [[wofür?]], EPS-Export, new/improved UniScript-Functions, “MissingValues”, PDSI-Interface (ASAM-ODS), …

Known problems in this Version

  • The data grid in the Import dialog has problems deleting cells and with Undo/Redo.

If you find errors in the beta version, please inform us. We will fix them for the next beta.