This command groups data records in classes.


For every channel selected in the dialog box the function creates a new channel which name starting with _index_ followed by the channel name, e.g. _index_EngSpd. The channel holds integer numbers starting with 1. All records of one class have the same index value. The tolerance must be specified as an absolute value.

If the selected channel is a text channel, a class contains identical text values. For text channels the tolerance control is disabled.


The new index channel can be used for the dataset import, for example with the 2D: x/y/Cycle-Index type.

The index channel can be used to split the NC data file in separted files for each index value. To do so, choose Browser=>More Functions=>Classes: Split in Files.


Speed   Torque    _index_Speed
1923    110        1
1919    120        1
1924    130        1
1922    140        1
2498    125        2
2499    135        2
2502    145        2