Browser=>Mean CycleΒΆ

The command calculates a mean, maximum and minimum cycle. The data is saved in a new nc file.


To create a mean cycle file, do the following:

  • Choose File=>Import Data.
  • Click on the >> (or Edit) button.
  • Right click in the data grid
  • Choose More Functions=>Create Mean Cycle NC file.
Independent Channel (Time, CA)
The channel must be monotonic increasing. The data cannot contain missing values
X Coordinate of Cycle Start
Coordinate of the cycle start. The coordinate must exist in the data.
Cycle Length
Length of a cycle.
Cycle Selection
Specifies the cycles to use for the calculation. Single cycles or a range of cycles can be specified. Example: To select the 3, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15, type in 3,6,10-15. To use all cycles type in All.
If this option is selected, the mean cycle will be calculated.
If this option is selected, the minimum cycle will be calculated.
If this option is selected, the maximum cycle will be calculated.
All selected channels will be added to the destination file.