11. Overview VideosΒΆ

  Video Create/Destroy
VideoCreate VideoCreate creates a video object.
VideoDestroy VideoDestroy destroys a video object.
  Video Commands
VideoCommand VideoCommand controls the video player.
VideoSnapshot VideoSnapshot creates a bitmap snapshot for the specified position of the given video file. The snapshot is displayed instead of the video.
  Set Functions
VideoActivate VideoActivate activates or deactivates a video object.
VideoSetCallback VideoSetCallback enables or disables the callback function.
VideoSetFileName VideoSetFileName sets the video file name. The file will be loaded when the video is activated with VideoActivate.
VideoSetStartPos VideoSetStartPos sets the start position.
VideoShowPlaybar VideoShowPlaybar shows or hides the playbar. The playbar displays a Start/Stop button and a slider to set the position.
  Get Functions
VideoGetFileName VideoGetFileName returns the video file name.
VideoGetStartPos VideoGetStartPos returns the start position.
VideoIsActivated VideoIsActivated checks if the video is active.
VideoIsCallback VideoIsCallback checks, if the callback function is enabled or disabled. see VideoSetCallback.
VideoIsPlaybar VideoIsPlaybar checks, if the play bar is visible.