10. Overview PicturesΒΆ

The properties of picture objects can be set with the OBJ functions (see Overview Drawing Objects) and the following functions:

The following picture formats are supported:

Type Meaning
GIF Graphics Interchange Format.
PNG Portable Network Graphics.
JPG JPEG File Interchange-Format
BMP, BMZ Bitmap and Bitmap compressed.
WMF, WMZ Windows Meta File and Windows Meta File compressed.
EMF, EMZ Enhanced Meta File and Enhanced Meta File compressed.
  Create and Destroy
ImageCreate ImageCreate creates a picture object.
ImageUpdate ImageUpdate loads the image from the file into the picture object created by ImageCreate.
ImageDestroy ImageDestroy destroys a picture object.
ImageMirror ImageMirror reflects the image vertically.
ImageRotate90 ImageRotate90 rotates the image by 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise.
ImageSaveAs ImageSaveAs saves the picture in its orignal format as a file.
ImageSetFileName ImageSetFileName sets the file name of the picture and loads the file into the picture object.
ImageSetFrameWidthAndColor ImageSetFrameWidthAndColor sets the line width and color of the picture frame.
ImageSetLinkType ImageSetLinkType sets the link type.
ImageSetProps ImageSetProps sets the image properties.
ImageShowFrame ImageShowFrame shows or hides the frame of the picture.
ImageGetFileName ImageGetFileName returns the file name of the picture.
ImageGetFrameWidthAndColor ImageGetFrameWidthAndColor returns the line width and color of the picture frame.
ImageGetHeight ImageGetHeight returns the height in pixel of the given image.
ImageGetLinkType ImageGetLinkType returns the link type.
ImageGetOrgSize ImageGetOrgSize returns the original picture size in centimeters.
ImageGetPixelColor ImageGetPixelColor returns the color value of a pixel as an RGB value.
ImageGetPixelGray ImageGetPixelGray returns the gray value of a pixel.
ImageGetProps ImageGetProps gets the image properties.
ImageGetType ImageGetType returns the picture file type.
ImageGetWidth ImageGetWidth returns the width in pixel of the given image.
ImageIsFrame ImageIsFrame checks if the picture frame is visible.
ImageSetPixelColor ImageSetPixelColor sets the color value of a bitmap pixel of a complete bitmap.
ImageSetPixelGray ImageSetPixelGray sets the gray value of a pixel or complete bitmap.