12. Overview Fonts

Fonts contain attributes like font name, size, color etc. Fonts can be used for text objects, axes titles etc.


The following example sets the font for the diagram axes and titles to 12pt, “Times New Roman” in red.

// Create sinus curve
x = linspace(0,2*PI,100)
y = sin(x)
h = plot(x, y)
// plot returns a vector with three elements.
// The second element is the diagram handle.
// Retrieve x axis font:
hFont = LayerGetAxisTitleFont(h[2], "X");
// Set attributes:
FontSetHeight(hFont, 12);
FontSetFaceName(hFont, "Times New Roman");
FontSetColorRGB(hFont, [255,0,0]);
// Set font
LayerSetAxisTitleFont(h[2], "X", hFont);
LayerSetAxisTitleFont(h[2], "Y", hFont);
LayerSetAxisLabelFont(h[2], "X", hFont);
LayerSetAxisLabelFont(h[2], "Y", hFont);
// Destroy font
// LayerGetAxisTitleFont returned a copy of a font.
  Create and Destroy
FontCreate FontCreate creates a font object.
FontDialog FontDialog displays a font dialog box.
FontDestroy FontDestroy destroys the given font and frees any memory the font occupied.
  Set Functions
FontItalic FontItalic specifies an italic font.
FontSetAngle FontSetAngle sets the font angle.
FontSetColorRGB FontSetColorRGB sets the font color.
FontSetFaceName FontSetFaceName sets the font face name.
FontSetHeight FontSetHeight specifies the height of the font.
FontSetPitchAndFamily FontSetPitchAndFamily specifies the pitch and family of the font.
FontSetProps FontSetProps sets the font properties.
FontSetWeight FontSetWeight Specifies the weight of the font, in the range 0 through 1000 (for example, 400 is normal and 700 is bold).
FontStrikeOut FontStrikeOut specifies a strikeout font.
FontUnderline FontUnderline specifies an underlined font.
  Get Functions
FontGetAngle FontGetAngle gets the font angle
FontGetColorRGB FontGetColorRGB gets the font color.
FontGetFaceName FontGetFaceName gets the font face name.
FontGetHeight FontGetHeight gets the font height in points (pt).
FontGetPitchAndFamily FontGetPitchAndFamily gets the font pitch and family.
FontGetProps FontGetProps gets the font properties.
FontGetWeight FontGetWeight gets the font weight.
FontIsItalic FontIsItalic checks if the font has the italic flag set.
FontIsStrikeOut FontIsStrikeOut checks if the given font has the strike out flag set.
FontIsUnderline FontIsUnderline checks if the given font has the underline flag set.