8. Overview UniScript Objects

See chapter UniScript Objects in the UniScript-Manual, especially the section Standard Methods.

obj_copy obj_copy creates a copy of an object.
obj_count obj_count returns the number of variables in an object.
obj_count_num obj_count_num returns the number of number keys in an object.
obj_count_str obj_count_str returns the number of string keys in an object.
obj_create obj_create creates an UniScript object.
obj_has_key obj_has_key checks if a given key exists.
obj_info obj_info returns a string of the form “obj-name,hex-address”.
obj_keys obj_keys returns all keys or a range of keys for the given object.
obj_load obj_load loads an object saved with obj_save from the hard drive.
obj_lookup obj_lookup returns the value of a given key.
obj_methods obj_methods returns an object with methods (member functions) for the given object.
obj_parent obj_parent returns the parent object or 0 if the object does not have a parent.
obj_remove obj_remove removes a key-value pair from an object.
obj_save obj_save saves an object as an XML file or as an binary file on the hard drive or as a string.
obj_set_at obj_set_at adds a key-value pair to the given object. If the key already exists the value will be overwritten.
obj_set_methods obj_set_methods sets the methods (member functions) for the given object.
obj_set_parent obj_set_parent sets the parent object.
obj_set_str_return obj_set_str_return specifies the return value of obj_lookup. If a key does not exist, obj_lookup may return 0, an empty string or throw an exception.
set_method_table set_method_table sets the methods (member functions) for the given object.