7. Overview ObjectsΒΆ

ObjCreate ObjCreate creates a new object.
ObjDestroy The ObjDestroy function destroys the given object and frees any memory the object occupied.
ObjCopy ObjCopy creates new objects from existing objects.
ObjSet ObjSet is used to set object variables or to execute an object action.
ObjSetName ObjSetName sets the name of an object.
ObjGet ObjGet returns values from objects.
ObjGetClass ObjGetClass returns the class name of an object.
ObjBeginEnum Call this function to prepare for subsequent calls to ObjGetNext for retrieving a list of Objects.
ObjGetFirst ObjGetFirst is called in conjunction with ObjGetNext to iterate through all objects.
ObjGetName ObjGetName returns the name of an object.
ObjGetNext ObjGetNext returns the handle of the next object of the specified class.
ObjGetOk ObjGetOk checks if the last call of ObjGet was successful.