15. Overview HatchΒΆ


x = [1,2,3]
y = [1,5,2]
h = plot(x, y)
hPage = h[1]
hData = h[3]
XYShowHatch(hData, 1)
hHatch = XYGetHatch(hData)
HatchSetColor(hHatch, [255, 0, 0])
XYSetHatch(hData, hHatch)
  Create and Destroy
HatchCreate HatchCreate creates a hatch object. A hatch object is used for x/y datasets.
HatchDestroy HatchDestroy destroys the given hatch object and frees any memory the object occupied.
HatchSetColor HatchSetColor sets the hatch line color.
HatchSetDistance HatchSetDistance sets the distance between the hatch lines
HatchSetOffset HatchSetOffset sets the offset of the hatch origin.
HatchSetStyle HatchSetStyle sets the hatch style.
HatchSetWidth HatchSetWidth sets the hatch line width in 0.1 mm steps.
HatchGetColor HatchGetColor returns the hatch line color.
HatchGetDistance HatchGetDistance returns the distance between the two hatch lines in centimeters.
HatchGetOffset HatchGetOffset returns the offset to the hatch origin in centimeters.
HatchGetStyle HatchGetStyle returns the hatch style.
HatchGetWidth HatchGetWidth returns the hatch line width in steps of 0.1 mm.