1. Overview Data File Informations for Datasets

Each dataset contains information about the data source. That is the file name, channel names and other information about the dataset. The datasouce information are used for the data exchange and to reload data.

The information are saved as key-value elements in a map (see Overview Map). The map has the name “Datasource”.

List with keys saved in the map:

Item Decription
NCFile netCDF file name (nc file), e. g. d:/Data/test.nc.
NCFileTime Time of the last modification of the netCDF data file.
Origin Name of the source data file, e. g. d:/Data/test.xls.
OriginTime Time of the last modification of the source data file.
DatasetType Dataset type: 1D, 2D, 3D, etc.
Channel Vector with channel names, e. g. ["speed", "Torque"].
units Vector with channel untis, e. g. ["1/min", "Nm"].
FirstPoint Index of the first point loaded, 0 .. number of Points in the nc file - 1.
NumberOfPoints Number of loaded points.
NumberOfPointsSource Number of points in the nc file.
CycleInfo For cycle data: Vector with two elements: Length of first cycle and (optional) length of consecutive cycles.
AutoReload 1, -1 or not available: Automatic reload data, 0: No automatic reload data.
DataFilter Record-Filter, e. g. $BEEWG$ >= 270.8 && $N$ > 796.8
Labeltext String vector with as many elements as the dataset contains data points. The field function @f{labeldatapoint} will display the text. The data type “2D: x/y/Label” will create the element if the channel type if text.
DS_FindNCFile DS_FindNCFile returns the netCDF file name used to load the data into the dataset.
DS_GetKeys DS_GetKeys returns all keys of the dataset map “Datasource”.
DS_GetNCFileName DS_GetNCFileName returns the netCDF file name used to load the data into the dataset.
DS_GetOriginFileName DS_GetOriginFileName returns the file name that was converted to the UniPlot data file used to load the data.
DS_GetValue DS_GetValue returns an attribute from the “Datasource” map.
DS_RemoveValue DS_RemoveValue removes a Key-Value pair from the datasource map “Datasource”.
DS_SetDataSource DS_SetDataSource sets the data file name and the channel names in the “Datasource” map of a dataset.
DS_SetValue DS_SetValue sets a value in the “Datasource” map.

Beside the DS_ functions the functions OBJGetMap, OBJSetMap, MapLookup, MapSetAt can be used to access the datasource map.