What’s New in UniPlot 4.2.4

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 4.2.4 since version 4.2.3.

New Features

  • A new small tool (upimage.exe) has been added to create bitmap files with high resolution from EMF-files, for example 600 or 1200 dpi. The following formats are supported: GIF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG. UniPlot itself can only create BMP, JPEG or PNG files with the monitor resolution. See upimage.exe.
  • 3D-Interpolation: The interpolation range can be extended to a maximum of 100% than the range of the original data (see Data=>Interpolation).
  • Excel-Report: A new key word STARTNEWPAGE has been added. The key word can be used to force a page break to start a new data block on a new page. See Report Templates.
  • Difference Map: The target diagram can be selected from a list of options.
    See Data=>Difference map and other functions (3D).
  • DialogBox: A new parameter has been added to enable the function to create wizards. A wizard is a series of dialogs that the user navigates through.

Modified UniScript Functions

  Changed Functions in UniPlot 4.2.4
LayerMoveDataset LayerMoveDataset moves datasets to the specified diagram. Datasets can only be moved inside a page. The function can also be used to change the drawing order of datasets.
LayerMoveObjects LayerMoveObjects moves Objects to the specified diagram. Objects can only be moved inside a page. The function can also be used to change the drawing order of Objects.
interpol The interpol function executes a linear interpolation for the given x-coordinates.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • (ID852): Data-Browser: Insert data from clipboard failed if the clipboard contained more than 1000 data points.

  • (ID853): Excel-Report: If a page break was inside a data header, the last data row was not copied to the next page and the last row at the end of the table was missing.

  • (ID860): Data-Browser: While the Browser was active, UniPlot was checking if another UniPlot instance was accessing the NC file. This check was done while Windows was idle. The CPU activity was high with up to 99% busy. The function has been changed, using a timer to avoid this problem.

  • (ID863): The mem_set function did not accept a string as the third parameter, e.g. a = mem_alloc(10); mem_set(a, 1, "Hello", "char").

  • (ID867): Formula-Interpreter: If a formula was already existing in the NC file, the attributes were not updates, for example the attribute units.

  • (ID868): Stacked Diagram: If a diagram was moved using the mouse, the drawing objects connected to the diagram did not update their position. If multiple diagrams were moved, a memory access violation occurred.

  • (ID869): Data-Browser: Sometimes a comma was displayed as the decimal sign.

  • (ID870): Help-System: If UniPlot is installed on a server and the Microsoft Security Updates from June 2005 is installed the UniPlot help system does not display the help text. See the following article on the Internet for more information:: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/896054/DE/. To solve the problem add the following key to the registry on your local computer:


    Create the key MaxAllowedZone with the value 1 (use regedit.exe to create the key).

  • (ID874): NC_GetVarNames: The parameter bOnlyRealChannels was not evaluated.

  • (ID875): An IPW file could be opened simultaneously by two or more UniPlot instances. This could cause a program crash.

  • (ID882): poly_triangulate had two errors. 1.) For certain distributed data the function caused a memory access violation, for example poly_triangulate([0,0,1,1],[0,1,0,1]). 2.) The error handling was different than described in the documentation. In case of an error the function returns a string vector with two elements. The first element is the error id and the second element the error text.

  • (ID883): 3D-Dataset: The magic number 999,999 in the cell A1 or in the upper left corner of a text file was not recognized correctly. See File=>More File Functions=>Load 3D Data Matrix.

  • (ID884): Akimaspline: If the data was linear the spline would swing between the linear points.

  • (ID885); DocShow: The DocShow function only hid (SW_HIDE) a document if the document contained at least one page.

  • (ID887): UniScript-Debugger: Sometimes tooltips values for variables were not displayed.

  • (ID889): Addin rs_auto: The combo box to select the style was missing in the dialog box to select the data files.

  • (ID890): 2D-Dataset: Filter functions could not assigned to a dataset if the dataset was not added to a diagram. For the same reason the XYCopy function failed, if the dataset contained filter functions.

  • (ID891): Difference Map: During the data source exchange difference maps were not updated.

  • (ID892): Data-Browser: UniPlot would crash if a variable of the data type NC_CHAR with only one dimension (single character) was edited.

  • (ID894): OLE2: If a UniPlot document page containing 2D datasets was activated in-place in a MS-Word document it could not be modified. UniPlot would sometimes crash if the active element was deactivated. If the embedded UniPlot page was opened in UniPlot (OLE 1), the error did not occur.