What’s New in UniPlot 4.2.3

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 4.2.3 since version 4.2.2.

New Features

  • DialogBox: A new cell type “MarkerText” has been added to the edit report element.

New UniScript Functions

  New Functions in UniPlot 4.2.3
ReportControl_GetStyleNames ReportControl_GetStyleNames returns a string vector with style names of the specified style file which can be used to initialize the marker combo box in a report control.
ReportControl_GetStyles ReportControl_GetStyles returns the style names of the selected styles in the report control of a dialog box.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • (ID819): Print Preview: The update of the field functions were missing.
  • (ID843): Some properties for the bar style of 2D datasets were missing
  • (ID844): 2d-Dataset: The data scaling (x-Offset, etc.) was not updated correctly when the data was exchanged.
  • (ID845): If the font height was specified as a positive value the subscript and superscript text was not displayed correctly.
  • (ID846): If the iniatialize string of a multi select list or report element in a dialog box was empty or did not contain a selection a memory access violation occurred (see DialogBox).