What’s New in UniPlot 3.5.0

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 3.5.0 since version 3.4.3.

Enhancements/New Features

  • Linked Pictures in IPW documents: In previous versions pictures could only be inserted into UniPlot as an OLE object which lead to large documents sizes because the OLE graphic was saved as an uncompressed bitmap. Now using UniPlot 3.5, pictures can be inserted into a document as a link to a picture file. Only the file name is saved in the document. To insert a link choose Edit=>Insert Graphic. To edit the properties of a picture choose Edit=>Object Properties=>Picture or double-click the picture. UniPlot supports the following formats:

    Typ Meaning
    JPG JPEG File Interchange-Format
    BMP, BMZ Bitmap and Bitmap compressed.
    WMF, WMZ Windows Meta File and Windows Meta File compressed.
    EMF, EMZ Enhanced Meta File and Enhanced Meta File compressed.
  • A new UniPlot-Viewer 3.5.0 is available. You can download it from www.uniplot.com or you’ll find it on the UniPlot CD.

  • New field function @f{linkaxisscale(diagramname, axis, scale, offset)}: The function calculates the axis scaling using the scale * x + offset. Example: KW- und HP axis.

Bug Fixes/New Features

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Improved save command for IPW documents: So far program errors (e.g. corrupted OLE objects) or network problems could lead to corrupted files. As of UniPlot version 3.5 every page is written to a temporary block inside the compound file. If the block has been written successfully, it is renamed to its final name.
  • MakeFullPath: This function caused a memory violation error if the path name exceeded 260 characters. The error has been fixed.
  • TrueType fonts: UniPlot would not display non-ansi TrueType fonts in the font dialog box and so company logos available as TrueType fonts could not be used. With UniPlot 3.5 you should find these fonts in the font dialog box. Double-click on the text object and use the font button to select the your font.
  • Edit=>Find In Files: When the Browse button was clicked, a memory violation error could occur, if the path length in the edit control Path was too long. The error has been corrected.
  • Axis Scaling: The auto scale axis function could lead to a crash if the x- or y-coordinates of a dataset were almost constant.
  • If a UniScript file was opened by double-clicking it in the file explorer, the file explorer would not respond if the file was closed in UniPlot by clicking the close button in the upper right corner. If the file was closed via the command File=>Exit this error did not occur. The bug has been fixed. (The bitmaps in the menus caused this error. They have been removed.)
  • Data Quick View: When the Browse button was used to select a template it was incorrectly inserted into the data text field. Therefore, the NC data file could not be edited. The bug has been fixed.