What’s New in UniPlot 3.2.1

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 3.2.1 since version 3.2.0.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • sum: The sum function caused memory access violation if one of the strings was empty. This bug has been added in UniPlot 3.2.0.
  • The registration of UniPlot as an OLE-InPlace-Server failed. If UniPlot was already registered this bug did not have any effect.
  • NC-Dialog: If UniPlot was used as a OLE server (e.g. Excel with in place active UniPlot page), datasets could not be added to the active diagram.
  • NC-Dialog: Sometimes global attributes could not be accessed if the channel names were sorted alphabetically.
  • An NC file could only be opened for reading or reading and writing by one process. The access rights have been changed so that a file can now be opened for reading by more than one process while one process can open the same file for reading and writing.
  • EMF/WMF Export: When a 3D dataset with a large data envelope (more than 100 datapoints) the creation of a WMF file could fail. The functions “Send to PowerPoint” or “Send to Word” could fail for the same reason.
  • nc_attput: The function did not check the first two characters of the attribute name. Now all charactes are checked and invalid characters are replaced by an underscore.
  • ExcelRead and ExcelWrite did only read and write up to 138 charactes per cell. The number has been extended to 255.
  • Print IPW files from Explorer: The print command has not been displayed in the shortcut menu for IPW files (To display the shortcut menu right click on an IPW file).