UniScript R2012ΒΆ

  New Functions in UniPlot R2012.3 (5.40.3)
DT_GetTimeZoneOffsets DT_GetTimeZoneOffsets returns information about the time zone and daylight saving time.
  New Functions in UniPlot R2012.2 (5.40.2)
DocGetScript DocGetScript returns the script text embedded in the document.
DocSetScript DocSetScript copies a script into a UniPlot document. The script will be executed when the document is opened.
  New Functions in UniPlot R2012.1 (5.40.1)
AppProgressDialog AppProgressDialog creates a dialog box with a progress control and a Cancel button.
  New Functions in UniPlot R2012 (5.40)
AppGetSelectedDatasets AppGetSelectedDatasets retrieves the handles of all selected datasts in the active page.
AppGetSelectedLayers AppGetSelectedLayers retrieves the handles of the selected layers in the active page.
AppGetSelectedXYDatasets AppGetSelectedXYZDatasets retrieves the handles of all selected 1D and 2D datasts in the active page.
AppGetSelectedXYZDatasets AppGetSelectedXYZDatasets retrieves the handles of all selected 3D datasts in the active page.
LayerGetAxisLinkName LayerGetAxisLinkName returns the axis link name or an empty string if the axis is not linked.
LayerSetAxisLinkName LayerSetAxisLinkName sets an diagram axis link.
LayerUpdateDocumentMap LayerUpdateDocumentMap updates the document table that is used for the axes links.
NC_CreateSampleReduction NC_CreateSampleReduction creates a file with all channels with mor than 2 million data points in the source file.
PageUpdateAxisLink PageUpdateAxisLink updates the axes links for the given document page.
format_number format_number converts a number to a string. The decimal character and the thousands separator can be specified.
nc_inquire_mode nc_inquire_mode returns the mode of an open nc-file.
nc_varinq_info nc_varinq_info returns information about a channel. (Minimum, Maximum, Monotonic, channel contains missing values).
nc_varsearch nc_varsearch searches in a given variable for the index of that value that is greater of equal than x. The values in variable must be sorted monotonically increasing and should not contain missing values.
path_normalize path_normalize replaces slashes (/) in file names to backslashes (\\). If the last character is a slash or backslash it will be removed.