UniScript R2011ΒΆ

  New Functions in UniPlot R2011.6 (5.30.6)
get_language get_language returns the language used to display menus, dialogs and messages.
  New Functions in UniPlot R2011.5 (5.30.5)
DS_FindNCFile DS_FindNCFile returns the netCDF file name used to load the data into the dataset.
GetOpenFileName_Data GetOpenFileName opens a Open File dialog box.
XYGetDataType XYGetDataType returns the data type of the data saved in the UniPlot document.
XYSetDataType XYSetDataType sets the data type for 1D and 2D datasets saved in the UniPlot document (.ipw).
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2011.5 (5.30.5)
ExcelGetSheetNames ExcelGetSheetNames returns the sheet names of an Excel 5.0 file or higher.
  New Functions in UniPlot R2011 (5.30)
XYZGetColorMatrixAttrib XYZGetColorMatrixAttrib returns color matrix attributes.
XYZGetColorMatrixPen XYZGetColorMatrixPen returns the pen used to draw the color matrix grid lines.
XYZIsColorMatrix XYZIsColorMatrix indicates whether the matrix will be displayed as a color matrix or not.
XYZIsLabelTransparent XYZIsLabelTransparent determines if the isoline labels are plotted transparent or with a white background.
XYZSetColorMatrixAttrib XYZSetColorMatrixAttrib sets the attributes used to display the color matrix.
XYZSetColorMatrixPen XYZSetColorMatrixPen setzt den Pen, mit dem die Randlinien der Farbmatrix dargestellt werden.
XYZShowColorMatrix XYZShowColorMatrix shows or hides the color matrix. If the color matrix is displayed, the isolines, the data hull and data symbols will not be displayed.
XYZShowLabelTransparent XYZShowLabelTransparent specifies if the isoline labels are plotted transparent or with a white background.
g The _g function returns a reference to a global UniScript object.
vcast vcast converts a variant matrix to a real matrix, string matrix or a complex matrix.
vconvert vconvert converts a real-, string- or complex-matrix into a variant matrix.
vmatrix vmatrix creates a variant matrix. Each element is set to zero.
vtype vtype returns the type matrix of a variant matrix.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2011 (5.30)
ConvertToVariant Is replaced by vconvert.
DocAddPage DocAddPage adds new pages to the document.
DocInsertPage DocInsertPage inserts new pages to the document.
DocSelectPage DocSelectPage activates the given page and returns the handle.
VariantConvert Is replaced by vcast.
VariantGetType Is replaced by vtype.
XYZSetProps XYZSetProps sets the dataset properties of a 3D dataset.
clear clear removes a variable or a function from memory.
loadiclib loadiclib loads a UniScript library which contains UniScript functions in binary form.
saveiclib saveiclib saves all loaded UniScript functions in an UniScript Library file.