XYSetData sets the xy-coordinates of a dataset.

bool = XYSetData(hData)
bool = XYSetData(hData, bExt)
bool = XYSetData(hData, rvX, rvY)
bool = XYSetData(hData, rvX, rvY, bExt)
bool = XYSetData(hData, rvX, rvY, bExt, rvMissingValue)

Return Value

If the function succeeds, the return value bool is TRUE (1); otherwise it is FALSE (0).



The handle of a dataset created with XYCreate or TYCreate.


rvX is a vector with x-coordinates.


rvY is a vector with y-coordinates.


This parameter specifies if the function will access the original data or the filtered data.

Value Description
-1 If filtered data is available it will access filtered data, otherwise it will access original data. Default value is -1.
0 Access original data.
1 Access filtered data.

rvMissingValue is a real vector with one or two elements. The values specify the missing value in rvX and rvY. All missing values in rvX and rvY will be ignored. If rvMissingValue contains only one value, it will be used to remove missing valued for the x- and y-coordiantes. Default value is 1e10.


The number of vector elements rvX and rvY must agree.

A function call without data sets the dataset to empty.

All data points equal to rvMissingValue will not be added to the dataset.


Version Description
5.20.0 New parameter rvMissingValue.
5.9.0 Can be invoked with 2 parameters.
5.3.0 Call with one parameter sets the dataset to empty.