Edit=>Object Properties=>VideoΒΆ


The dialog box can be used to synchronize a video recording of an event with measured data of the same event. A cursor can display the current video position in the data plot.


Name of the video object.

Width and Height

Width and height in centimeters and percent.

Video File

Video File Name. The file will not be loaded into the IPW/IPZ document. Only the file name is saved in the document. If the file is not available, UniPlot looks for the file in the directory of the IPW/IPZ document. A different file can be opened with a right click on the video object.

Video Length

Video length in seconds.

Go to Time

To skip to a point in time, specify the time in the text field and click on the Go to Time button.

Synchronize Video with measured data (Video-Data Alignment)

If the page contains 2D data curves, the video can be synchronized with the data curves. Two time points must be specified for the synchronization. When the video is played, a cursor will be displayed to show the position of the video in the time data.

Example: An event has been recorded with a high speed camera and data of the same event has been measured. The event was approx 0.1 seconds long. The video will be played in slow motion in 30 seconds. Two time data points have to be specified to synchronize the video with the data. To select the two data points, use the <<<, <<, etc. buttons to move the video to a certain point in the video. The video time can be copied into the first time field with the Video Time Point1 button. Type in the measured time for this point into the next text field. Specify the second point accordingly.