Use this dialog box to specify the drawing attributes of the selected 3D dataset for the 3D diagram.

Grid without Hidden Line Removal
The grid will be drawn as a transparent fish net without color filling.
Surface in a Solid Color
The facets of the surface will be drawn in a solid color.
Surface with Color Gradient
The surface will be drawn with the color gradient specified in the Z-Values dialog box.


Bargraph filled in Solid Color

Bargraph, Bar Color depending on Z Value

Grid only

Grid and Isolines
Isolines can only be drawn on the surface when the option Surface with Color Gradient is chosen.

Gridlines for x = constant

Gridlines for y = constant

Line Style
Choose this button to specify the line style for the surface map grid lines. The line style will also be used to draw the isolines.
Fill Color
Choose this button to specify the color for the Surface and Bars in a Solid Color option.

Original Data: Bargraph, Bars filled in a Solid Color

Original Data: Bargraph, Bar Color depending on Z Value

Original Data: Bar Width in Percent of Axis Length