2. Overview Binary and Text Files

fclearerror fclearerror resets the error flag for the given file handle.
fclose fclose closes a file.
fcloseall fcloseall closes all with fopen opened files.
feof feof tests for end-of-file.
ferror ferror checks if the error flag for the given file handle is set.
ffind ffind finds the position of a string in a file.
fflush fflush flushes the stream buffer.
fgetlen fgetlen returns the file length in bytes.
fgetline The fgetline function reads a string from the input file and stores it in a string.
fopen fopen opens a file.
fprintf fprintf formats and prints a series of characters and values into a file.
fread fread reads data from a file.
fseek fseek moves the file pointer to a new position.
fsetlen fsetlen sets the file length in bytes.
fshow fshow lists all open file names which were created with the fopen function.
ftell ftell returns the current file pointer position in bytes.
fwrite fwrite writes data into a file.
AbbreviatePathName The AbbreviatePathName function creates a abbreviate path name.
AppKillTimer AppKillTimer will stop the timer, started with AppNewTimer.
AppNewTimer AppNewTimer creates a new timer. The specified callback function will be invoked when the specified time has run down. The function is invoked until a call of AppKillTimer terminates the timer.
AppSetTimer Is replaced by AppNewTimer.
AppShowTimer AppShowTimer returns information about the active timers.
ComparePath ComparePath compares two file or folder names.
CopyFile CopyFile copies an existing file to a new file.
DeleteFile DeleteFile deletes an existing file.
FS_GetDriveType FS_GetDriveType.
FS_GetFileSystemList FS_GetFileSystemList retrieves a list of drive names.
FS_GetFreeSpace FS_GetFreeSpace retrieves the free disk space of the specified drive.
FS_GetTotalSpace FS_GetTotalSpace returns the total disk space.
FS_MakeDirectory FS_MakeDirectory creates a new directory.
FS_ReadDirectoryChanges_Create FS_ReadDirectoryChanges_Create starts watching a directory. Any changes (renaming, creating, or deleting a file) will be logged. The changes can be received calling the FS_ReadDirectoryChanges_Get function.
FS_ReadDirectoryChanges_Destroy FS_ReadDirectoryChanges_Destroy stops watching a directory.
FS_ReadDirectoryChanges_Get FS_ReadDirectoryChanges_Get returns all file names logged since the last time the function FS_ReadDirectoryChanges_Get or FS_ReadDirectoryChanges_Create was invoked.
FileWatchAdd FileWatchAdd adds a file to the list of watched files. If the operating system detects a change to the file the callback function is called.
FileWatchRemove FileWatchRemove removes a file from the list of watched files.
FindFiles The FindFiles function returns a string matrix with file names and other file information.
GetClipboardObject GetClipboardObject reads an UniScript object from the clipboard.
GetClipboardText GetClipboardText gets text from the clipboard.
GetDirectory The GetDirectory function returns a string vector with file names. If bRecurseSubDirs is TRUE (1) it returns also the file names found in sub-directories. The function does not return directory names.
GetDirectoryDialog GetDirectoryDialog displays a directory selection dialog.
GetDirectoryWriteAccess GetDirectoryWriteAccess checks if the user has write access for the given directory.
GetDropFileNames GetDropFileNames displays a list box which can be used to drop files from the File Manager or Explorer.
GetFileAttributes GetFileAttributes returns attributes for one or more a specified files or directories.
GetFileSize GetFileSize returns the file size in bytes for one or more a specified files.
GetFileTime GetFileTime returns the date and time at which given files were created, last accessed and last written to.
GetFileWriteAccess GetFileWriteAccess checks if the user has write access for the given file.
GetOpenFileName GetOpenFileName opens a Open File dialog box.
GetOpenFileName_Data GetOpenFileName opens a Open File dialog box.
GetRootDirectory GetRootDirectory returns the UniPlot directory.
GetSaveFileName GetSaveFileName opens a dialog box to select a file name.
GetTempFileName GetTempFileName creates a name for a temporary file.
GetTempPath GetTempPath retrieves the path of the directory designated for temporary files.
GetUNCPath The GetUNCPath function retrieves the universal naming convention (UNC) path for a mapped network drive.
GetUserDirectory GetUserDirectory returns the UniPlot user directory.
GetWindowsDirectory GetWindowsDirectory returns the name of the Windows directory
IsDirectory IsDirectory checks if the given directory exists.
IsFileExcel IsFileExcel checks if the given file is an Excel file (.xls, .xlsx, …).
IsFileExcelUTX IsFileExcelUTX checks if the given file is an Excel file (.XLS).
IsFileIPW IsFileIPW checks if a file is a UniPlot file (IPW or IPZ).
IsFileLotus IsFileLotus checks if the given file is a Lotus 1-2-3file (.WK1).
IsFileText IsFileText checks if a file is a text file (ASCII File).
IsFilenetCDF IsFilenetCDF checks if the file is an netCDF file (.NC).
MakeFullPath MakeFullPath creates a path name with backslashes (\). The function will complete a relative path.
MakePath MakePath creates a full path name composed of a drive letter, directory path, file name and extension.
MoveFile The MoveFile function renames an existing file or a directory (including all its children).
RemoveDirectory RemoveDirectory deletes an existing directory. The directory must be empty, and it must not be the current working directory or the root directory.
SetClipboardObject SetClipboardObject writes an UniScript object into the clipboard.
SetClipboardText SetClipboardText writes text into the clipboard.
SetFileTime SetFileTime sets the date and time at which given files were created, last accessed and last written to.
Shell_CreateShortcut Shell_CreateShortcut creates a short cut to a program or file on the desktop, in the program menu or in other places.
Shell_DeleteShortcut Shell_DeleteShortcut removes a shell short cut.
Shell_GetShortcut Shell_GetShortcut returns information about a shell short cut file.
Shell_GetSpecialFolder Shell_GetSpecialFolder returns the path for a given ID. For example CSIDL_DESKTOPDIRECTORY returns the desktop directory for the current user.
Shell_IsShortcut Shell_IsShortcut checks if a given short cut already exists..
md5_file md5_file calculates the MD5 check sum using the algorithm http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1321.html, MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm (RFC 1321).
path_normalize path_normalize replaces slashes (/) in file names to backslashes (\\). If the last character is a slash or backslash it will be removed.
search_path Fast search function to locate a file in a given list of directories.
text_file_read text_file_read reads unicode and ANSI text files.
text_file_write text_file_write writes text into a file in ANSI - or Unicode format.
utf_from_locale utf_from_locale creates a Unicode string from an 8-Bit-ANSI string using the current local code page.
utf_to_locale utf_to_locale creates an 8-Bit-ANSI string from a Unicode string.

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