10. Overview LoggingΒΆ

Beginning with UniPlot R2013.9 a log file is created for every start of UniPlot (uniplot.exe) or UniScript (us.exe). The log file is saved in the log directory in the UniPlot user directory: C:\Users\<user>\Documents\UniPlot\log.

The log file name is unique to avoid naming problems, for example uniplot-18c20906-cb8e-4b03-8fa3-2237870c2bcf.log. When UniPlot exits the log files are moved into a zip file (uniplot.0.log.zip).

If the size of the zip file is bigger than 1 MB, the file is renamed from uniplot.0.log.zip to uniplot.1.log.zip and a new file uniplot.0.log.zip will be created. Therefore uniplot.0.log.zip always contains the latest log file. Only the first 5 files are kept (uniplot.0.log.zip to uniplot.4.log.zip). Older files will be removed.

UniScript log file example:

[09/02/13 09:13:50] [uniscript] [info] [] [uniscript starts, version: 5.50.9 Date: Aug 31 2013 (x64)]
[09/02/13 09:13:51] [ipz_pack] [trace] [D:\UniPlot4.ipz] [Start packing]
[09/02/13 09:13:51] [ipz_pack] [trace] [D:\UniPlot4.ipz] [End packing]
[09/02/13 09:13:51] [uniscript] [info] [] [uniscript returned successful]
log_add_logger log_add_logger adds a logger to the list of loggers.
log_error log_error writes a log message.
log_get_filename log_get_filename returns the log file name or an empty string if logging is disabled.
log_get_level log_get_level returns the output level for the given logger.
log_get_logger_names log_get_logger_names returns a string vector with all logger names.
log_is_active log_is_active checks if the given logger is enabled.
log_set_active log_set_active enables or disables a logger.
log_set_filename log_set_filename sets a file name of the output file for all loggers.
log_set_level log_set_level sets the output level for the given logger.