3. Overview netCDF File BrowserΒΆ

ADDIN_AddToUI ADDIN_AddToUI adds a function to the UniPlot user interface.
GridCloseNCID GridCloseNCID closes the currently in the browser displayed NC file.
GridFreezeCols GridFreezeCols freezes the selected columns or unfreezes the frozen columns.
GridGetColCount GridGetColCount returns the number of columns or in case of an error -1.
GridGetConfigInfo GridGetConfigInfo returns a string vector with 6 elements containing the options, displayed in the option dialog box.
GridGetFrozenCols GridGetFrozenCols retrieves the number of frozen columns.
GridGetLeftCol GridGetLeftCol returns the leftmost non-frozen column of the grid or in case of an error 0.
GridGetNCID GridGetNCID returns the current ncid or in case of an error -1.
GridGetReadOnly GridGetReadOnly returns TRUE (1) if the the file was opened as read only.
GridGetRecordCount GridGetRecordCount returns the number of records (rows) or in case of an error -1.
GridGetSettings GridGetSettings returns a real vector with 8 elements containing the options displayed in the browser dialog box.
GridGetSwapRowCol GridGetSwapRowCol checks if the channels are displayed in the Browser dialog in columns or rows.
GridGetTopRow GridGetTopRow returns the topmost column of the grid or in case of an error 0.
GridGetVarids GridGetVarids returns a list of all variables displayed in the data browser grid.
GridLoadCallback_xxx GridLoadCallback_xxx is called when the user presses the Load button in the data browser.
GridLoadEnableCallback_xxx GridLoadEnableCallback_xxx
GridReplaceFile GridReplaceFile replaces the data file displayed in the Browser dialog.
GridSetConfigInfo GridSetConfigInfo sets the data browser configuration.
GridSetLeftCol GridSetLeftCol sets the leftmost column displayed in the grid.
GridSetSettings GridSetSettings sets the settings of the browser dialog box.
GridSetSwapRowCol GridSetSwapRowCol sets the display of the data channels in the data browser (channels can be displayed in rows or columns).
GridSetTopRow GridSetTopRow sets the topmost row displayed in the grid.
GridSetValues GridSetValues sets data values in the grid.
GridUpdate Call GridUpdate to update the grid or all controls in the browser dialog box.
NC_DlgGetFileName The NC_DlgGetFileName function returns the NC file name of the currently open file in the NC file browser.
NC_Edit NC_Edit opens a dialog box to edit a UniPlot data file (NC file).
OnGridKeyDown OnGridKeyDown.
GridGetSelectedCols GridGetSelectedCols retrieves the starting and ending columns of the current selection in the data browser dialog box.
GridGetSelectedRows GridGetSelectedRows retrieves the starting and ending rows of the current selection in the data browser dialog box.
GridGetSelection GridGetSelection retrieves the current selection.
GridSetSelection GridSetSelection selects all specified cells in the data browser.
GridCanRedo GridCanRedo checks if the most recent Undo can be reversed.
GridCanUndo GridCanUndo gets a value indicating whether the user can undo the previous operation.
GridEmptyUndoRedoList GridEmptyUndoRedoList removes all undo/redo elements from the undo list.
GridGetRedoString GridGetRedoString returns the string describing the redo action.
GridGetUndoString GridGetUndoString returns the string describing the undo action.
GridRedo GridRedo reapplies previous editing actions that have been undone.
GridUndo GridUndo undo the last edit operation.