What’s New in UniPlot 3.6.8

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 3.6.8 since version 3.6.7.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • If an auto style e.g. Auto: Default had been assigned to configure the 2D datasets on a paage the style could not be replaced by a different style.
  • The command File=>Save As did not initialize the directory correctly. This error only occurred under Windows NT 4.0 and not under Windows 2000/XP .
  • The FS_MakeDirectory function could not create a directory if the directory name contained a slash /.
  • Channel Interpolation: In VS100/INCA files all underscores (_) in channel names were removed accidentally.
  • Formula Interpreter: If the spelling of a channel name was identical to a UniScript function name, the formula interpreter failed to calculate the formula. A message box with the error message Internal Error was prompted.
  • Formula Interpreter: Within the formula function missing values are replaced by the value 1/0 (infinit) instead of the value MISSING_VALUE.
  • If a page contained multiple 3D diagrams it was not possible to assign a dataset style to the selected dataset.
  • IFILE: Indiscop files could not be converted. The operation parameters are saved as channels with one value.

New Features

The UniPlot file viewer 4.0 will be installed with UniPlot 3.6.7. This enables you to view and print UniPlot files created by higher UniPlot versions.