What’s New in UniPlot 3.6.0

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 3.6.0 since version 3.5.2.

New Features

  • New functions to edit SQLite databases (see sqlite_open). SQLite is a public domain SQL database embedded into UniPlot. More information about SQLite can be found under http://www.sqlite.org.

  • The DialogBox function has been extended by a new “Auto-complete combo box”.

    The Auto-complete combo box box makes it easy to select an item if the list contains a big number of items. To search for an item, type the name. The list box will display all items that match the text typed. If there is no match you cannot leave the combo box. This is indicated by a message beep.

  • NC_Edit: The global NC attributes will now be displayed in the data grid.

  New Functions in UniPlot 3.6.x
GridGetSettings GridGetSettings returns a real vector with 8 elements containing the options displayed in the browser dialog box.
GridSetSettings GridSetSettings sets the settings of the browser dialog box.
ImageCreate ImageCreate creates a picture object.
ImageDestroy ImageDestroy destroys a picture object.
ImageGetFileName ImageGetFileName returns the file name of the picture.
ImageGetFrameWidthAndColor ImageGetFrameWidthAndColor returns the line width and color of the picture frame.
ImageGetLinkType ImageGetLinkType returns the link type.
ImageGetOrgSize ImageGetOrgSize returns the original picture size in centimeters.
ImageGetType ImageGetType returns the picture file type.
ImageSetFileName ImageSetFileName sets the file name of the picture and loads the file into the picture object.
ImageSetFrameWidthAndColor ImageSetFrameWidthAndColor sets the line width and color of the picture frame.
ImageSetLinkType ImageSetLinkType sets the link type.
ImageUpdate ImageUpdate loads the image from the file into the picture object created by ImageCreate.
sqlite_busy_timeout Removed, use sqlite3_busy_timeout.
sqlite_close Removed, use sqlite3_close.
sqlite_execute Removed, use sqlite3_execute.
sqlite_last_insert_rowid Removed, use sqlite3_last_insert_rowid.
sqlite_libencoding Removed, use sqlite3_libencoding.
sqlite_libversion sqlite_libversion returns the SQLite library version.
sqlite_open Removed, use sqlite3_open.
  Changed Functions in UniPlot 3.6.x
DialogBox DialogBox creates a dialog box with static text, edit fields, list boxes, combo boxes, check boxes, a report list (list with multiple columns), a property list box, a group box, tree control and buttons.The dialog box can be configured to be resizeable (see Dialog control |F @ xxx_callback|).
GridGetVarids GridGetVarids returns a list of all variables displayed in the data browser grid.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • The environment variable PATHEXT has been corrupted from the UniPlot setup program under certain Windows NT 4.0 versions.

    To fix this problem open the control panel and set the system variable PATHEXT to ".COM;.EXE;.CMD;.BAT;.ICE".

  • The printf function had an error:

    ssVal = "123456789-123456789-123456789-";
    printf("\n%s", ssVal);
    printf("\n%20.10s", ssVal);
    printf("\n%s\n", ssVal);

    The second printf call changed the parameter ssVal. This error has been fixed.

  • Formula-Interpreter: In UniPlot 3.5.2 formulas could only be added to the active NC file through the Formula dialog box. Formulas could not be updated with the F9 hot key. This error has been fixed.

  • xBase Import Filter: In the xBase (dBase IV) filter a bug has been fixed. Under UniPlot 3.5.2 converted files contained only missing values.