auto_xyz_Div creates a new dataset by dividing the z coordinates of the given 3D datasets.

hDataNew = auto_xyz_Div(hData, hData2)
hDataNew = auto_xyz_Div(hData_Layer, hData2)
hDataNew = auto_xyz_div(hData_Layer, hData2, nSourceType)

Return Value

hDataNew is the handle of the new 3D dataset.



hData_Layer is a vector with one or two elements:

Value Meaning
hData_Layer[1] Handle of a dataset. The new dataset is added to the diagram to which the dataset hData_Layer[1] belongs.
hData_Layer[1, 2] The first element is the handle of a dataset and the second element is the handle of diagram (layer). The new dataset is added to the diagram with the handle hData_Layer[2].

hData2 Is a second 3D dataset.


nSourceType is one of the following values:

Value Description
1 Use the x,y coordinates of dataset 1 to calculate the result.
2 Use the x,y coordinates of dataset 2 to calculate the result.
3 Use the interpolation matrix to calculate the result (Default)

For type 1 or 2 the z-coordinates for both datasets are calculated at the original x,y-coordinates and the results are added. For type 3 the interpolation matrix is calculated at identical x,y coordinates the than the matrices are added (Default).

If both maps have identical or quasi identical x,y-coordinates the types 1 or 2 will calculate a better result.


The two datasets could be created from a matrix or from XYZ triples. (see auto_xyz_Sub for more how the calculation is done)


Version Description
5.40.0 New parameter nSourceType.