Creates a legend for 3D datasets.

@f{3dlegend(ssDiaName, ssParameter)}



DiagramName is the name of the diagram that contains the datasets.


A text from the following table.

Text Description
Standard Line symbol with dataset info text
ZName Z channel name
ZName.Unit Z channel name with unit text
Linesymbol.ZName.Unit Line symbol with Z channel name with unit text
Linesymbol.Filename.ZName.Unit Line symbol with file name and Z channel name with unit text
Linesymbol.ZAxisTitle Line symbol with Z-axis title
ZAxisTitle Z-axis title


The legend will be updated if the legend text or the dataset style is modified.

If the dataset legend text starts with an exclamation mark “!” the dataset will not be displayed in the legend.



A field function is always starting with characters “@f{” followed by the field function name followed by a parameter list in round brackets followed by a closing curly bracket “}”. The field result is enclosed curly brackets “{…}”.


Version Description
R2014.0 New documentation.