1. General

1.1. I have a problem with UniPlot. Who can I contact ?

FEV Software and Testing Solutions GmbH
Neuenhofstraße 181
52078 Aachen

Tel: +49 (0)34954-9039190
Fax: +49 (0)241-5689119

1.2. UniPlot Year 2000 Compliance

UniPlot uses functions based on Win32 functions, which can handle dates beyond the year 2000 for the internal representation of time/date data.

As of UniPlot version 2.4, time/date data can be used in graphs. For the internal representation of time/date data, UniPlot uses 8 byte double precision floating point data type which handles dates from January 1, 100 to December, 31 9999. This ensures that UniPlot will be able to function properly in the Year 2000 and beyond, including leap years, without any extra adjustments.

UniPlot has been tested on a computer to have an internal date past the year 2000. During the test neither performance nor functionality was affected.