Import of TPC5/TPS5 Files

The addin converts data in the TPC5 or TPS5 format into UniPlot data files in the NC2 format.

TPC5 and TPS5 is a format used by Elsys AG.


The addin is a beta version.



  • Start UniPlot.
  • Choose File=>Import Data.
  • Choose Type TPC5/TPS5-Datei (*.tpc5; *.tps5).
  • Select one or more TPC5 or TPS5 files.


The import filter is based on the specification of the TPC5 File Format by Elsys AG ( (TransAS 3) 1.5, date 08.10.2012.

bool = IsFileTPC5(ssName)
ret = TPC5_to_netCDF(ssName, ssNetCDFName, hStatus, options)
file = tpc5_open(ssFile)

oMeasurementList = tpc5_get_measurement_list(file)
oMeasurement = tpc5_get_measurement(oMeasurementList, idx)

oChannelList = tpc5_get_channel_list(oMeasurement)
oChannel = tpc5_get_channel(oChannelList, idx)

tpc5_get_block_attribs(oChannel, iBlock)

rvSize = tpc5_get_block_count(oChannel)
data = tpc5_get_block(oChannel, idx)


The base format of TPC5 is HDF5 ( The license information can be found here: HFD5 License.

Library Interface:

rvMajMinRel = h5_get_libversion()

File Interface:

file_id = h5f_open(name, flags, fapl_id)
   flags: H5F_ACC_RDONLY
   fapl_id: H5P_DEFAULT


Attribute Interface:

att_id = h5a_open(obj_id, attr_name)

err = h5a_close(attr_id)

buf = h5a_read(attr_id)

n = h5a_get_num_attrs(loc_id)

name = h5a_get_name_by_idx(loc_id, idx)

Group Interface:

id = h5g_open1(loc_id, name)
err = h5g_close(group_id)
name = h5g_get_objname_by_idx(loc_id, idx)

n = h5g_get_num_objs(loc_id)

Object Interface:

obj_id = h5o_open(loc_id, name)
err = h5o_close(obj_id)

obj_type = h5o_get_info(object_id)

Dataset Interface:

dataset_id = h5d_open1(loc_id, name)
err = h5d_close(dataset_id)

data = h5d_read(dataset_id, mem_type_id, mem_space_id, file_space_id, xfer_plist_id)
   xfer_plist_id: H5P_DEFAULT

dataspace = h5d_get_space(dataset_id)

Dataspace Interface:

dims[1] = 7;
dims[2] = 7;
space_id = h5s_create_simple(dims)

dims = h5s_get_simple_extent_dims(space_id)

err = h5s_close(space_id)

start[0] = 3;
start[1] = 0;
count[0] = 3;
count[1] = 4;
ret = h5s_select_hyperslab(space_id, H5S_SELECT_SET, start, NULL, count, NULL)
   H5S_seloper_t: H5S_SELECT_SET


Version Description
R2013 New.