7. Overview TableΒΆ

  Create and Destroy
TableCreate TableCreate create a new table object.
TableDestroy TableDestroy destroys the given table object and frees any memory the object occupied.
TableDeleteColumn TableDeleteColumn deletes a table column.
TableDeleteRow TableDeleteRow removes the specified row from the table
TableInsertColumn TableInsertColumn inserts a new column of cells to the specified table.
TableInsertRow TableInsertRow inserts a new row of cells to the specified table.
TableMergeCells TableMergeCells specifies which neighbouring cells are merged.
TableRedo TableRedo
TableSetAlign TableSetAlign sets the text alignment for all cells or a range of cells.
TableSetColumnWidth TableSetColumnWidth sets the column width in centimeters.
TableSetEdgeDistance TableSetEdgeDistance sets the distance between the text and the cell edge.
TableSetFormatIndex TableSetFormatIndex sets the format indices.
TableSetName TableSetName sets the cell name.
TableSetProps TableSetProps sets the table properties.
TableSetRowHeight TableSetRowHeight sets the row height in centimeters.
TableSetSelection TableSetSelection sets the selection.
TableSetSize TableSetSize sets the number of rows and columns.
TableSetText TableSetText sets the cell text.
TableSetTextAngle TableSetTextAngle sets the text direction of all cells or a selection of cells.
TableUnMergeCell TableUnMergeCell splits a merged cell.
TableUndoEnd TableUndoEnd
TableUndoStart TableUndoStart
TableUsePlaceholderDialog TableUsePlaceholderDialog spedifies the dialog box which will be displayed if the table is double-clicked.
TableGetAlign TableGetAlign retrieves the text alignment for all cells or a range of cells.
TableGetAttrib TableGetAttrib returns a matrix of cell attributes.
TableGetColumnWidth TableGetColumnWidth returns a vector with column width in centimeters.
TableGetEdgeDistance TableGetEdgeDistance returns the distance between the text and the left cell edge.
TableGetMergedCells TableGetMergedCells returns a real matrix with four columns. Each row specifies a range of cells which are merged to one cell.
TableGetName TableGetName returns a matrix of cell names.
TableGetProps TableGetProps gets the table properties.
TableGetRowHeight TableGetRowHeight returns a vector with row heights in centimeters.
TableGetSelection TableGetSelection returns the current selection.
TableGetSize TableGetSize returns the number of rows and columns.
TableGetText TableGetText returns a matrix of cell text.
TableGetTextAngle TableGetTextAngle returns the text directions of all cells or a selection of cells.
TableGetTextExt TableGetTextExt returns the width and height of cell text.
TableIsCellMerged TableIsCellMerged returns TRUE (1) if the specified cell belongs to a merged cell.
TableIsPlaceholderDialogUsed TableIsPlaceholderDialogUsed
TableSetAttrib TableSetAttrib sets the cell attributes.
TableAddFont TableAddFont adds a font to font list of a table object.
TableGetBrushIndex TableGetBrushIndex returns a matrix with the brush indices.
TableGetBrushList TableGetBrushList returns a matrix with 3 columns. Each row specifies a color used in the table.
TableGetFontIndex TableGetFontIndex returns a vector of font indices.
TableGetFontList TableGetFontList returns a vector with font handles.
TableSetFontIndex TableSetFontIndex sets the font index.
  Fill Colors
TableAddBrush TableAddBrush adds a new bush (fill color) to the brush list.
TableSetBrushIndex TableSetBrushIndex sets the brush indices.
  Frame Pens
TableAddPen TableAddPen adds a pen to the list of pens of the specified table object.
TableGetBorderPenIndex TableGetBorderPenIndex
TableGetPenList TableGetPenList returns a vector with pen handles. A pen is used to draw the cell border line.
TableSetBorderPenIndex TableSetBorderPenIndex sets the pen index that is used to draw the border. Every cell is enclosed by 4 border lines.