Bug Fixes R2017

Bug Fixes R2017.1

  • (ID4164): MDF4: The import failed for some data files, if the files contained compressed data blocks.
  • (ID4165): Data=>Linear Interpolation: The combo boxes have been initialised incorrectly, if the dataset info text contained newline characters.
  • (ID4166): ASAM-ODS (Corba): Access the names service (bindings) failed. With omniORB 4.1.3, the name service can be accessed again.
  • (ID4167): The DocSave function could not be used, if an IPZ file from a network path was opened and the copy-on-open option was enabled. See also UniPlot Document Options.
  • (ID4169): The File List did not display all elements when UniPlot was used with a high resolution monitor, e.g. 4K monitor.
  • (ID4170): The AppAddToRecentFileList function failed, if a slash (/) was used as a path separator instead of a backslash.
  • (ID4171): If an IPZ file was opened from the File List, the copy-on-open option was ignored, see UniPlot Document Options.
  • (ID4172): DIAdem-Import: An error occurred, if a data channel contained 0 data points.
  • (ID4173): Corrections in netCDF-SDK.
  • (ID4174): DocCreate: If the DOC_READ_ONLY-Flag was set for an IPZ file, the file could not be opened multiple times. It worked correctly for IPW files.
  • (ID4178): Edit=>Copy Format: The user label properties were missing.

Bug Fixes R2017.0