eval evaluates the string given as UniScript code.

ret = eval(ssString)

Return Value

The function does not have a return value. Instead it will create an exception, if an error occurs. The exception can be caught with a try/except statement. See also evalp.



ssString is a string with UniScript code (Statements and or functions).


eval("a = 1+1");
print a;

If eval is used inside a function, all variables used in the eval function are local variables. If eval needs to access variables from the calling function they mus be declared as global.

def test(rvData, ssOperator, ssLimit)
   global data, i;

   data = rvData;
   ssString = sprintf("i = find(data %s %s)", ssOperator, ssLimit);
   return i;

idx = test([1,2,3,4,5,6,7], "<=", "4.5")
if (idx[1] == 0) {
   MessageBoxError("No data found");
print idx   // prints 1,2,3,4