The function FE_GetFormulaDirectory returns a string vector with the formula directories.

svDir = FE_GetFormulaDirectory()
ssDir = FE_GetFormulaDirectory(bUserDir)

Return Value

svDir is a string vector containing the formula directory.

If the function is invoked with the parameter bUserDir = TRUE (1) the return value is the last path.




If bUserDir TRUE (1), the function returns the last path element. Default value is FALSE (0).


The formulas are loaded in the order of the given path elements. First all formulas from the first path element are loaded. If an identical formula name is found in the second path element, the formula from the first path element will be overwritten. If a new formula is created with the Formula Editor, it will be added to the last path element.

If the last path element is write protected, the formula cannot be created.


Version Description
R2016 New parameter bUserDir.