Download UniPlot Documentation

Last updated on: May 14, 2024.

This page contains the links to UniPlot documents in various formats. They may be more recent than the documents of your UniPlot installation.

FormatPacked as .zip
HTMLHelp (chm) Download (ca. 21,6 MB)


Uncompress the zip file and copy the containing chm files into the UniPlot Help directory.

If you do not have write access for the UniPlot directory you may copy the files to the UniPlot user directory. The user directory is displayed in the Tools=>More Options dialog box. Create a new subdirectory "help" and save the chm files in the new directory.

Extra Formats

The zip file with the HTML files contain the complete documentation. If you have constant Internet access you do not need the HTML files. In this case you can use the online documentation (German) or (English).

If you would like to use the documentation locally, unzip the files into the UniPlot help directory (e.g. c:\Program Files\UniPlot\help) and open the file index.html in your Internet brower. Example: Type in the folowing address into the address field:

file:///c:/Program Files/uniplot/help/en/index.html

For the German pages, type in:

file:///c:/Program Files/uniplot/help/de/index.html

English Packed as .zip
HTML Englisch Download (ca. 22,7 MB)
Deutsch Packed as .zip
HTML Deutsch Download (ca. 26,7 MB)


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